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You've been looking for a place to round out your leadership skills. Or, maybe you've been searching for a way to develop leaders in your organization. 

You desire to be a greater influence to those you work with every day. 

You know high performing leaders get better results. 

Your teams are not functioning to their peak potential. 

The trust level of the organization is not optimal. 

Communication needs to be improved. 

You are not getting the financial results that are expected. 

Find your path forward with the a community, the curriculum and the coaching you need. 

Join me in the LeaderFluence ™ Certification Program, when you enroll in Gray.University. 

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Why Leadership and Why Now?

The results you are realizing today is directly related to the level of trust and influence you have with others

  • High-performance leadership is required to build and maintain that trust. 
  • The one overwhelming issue that I help clients with regularly is their inability to lead and influence effectively. 
  • It is imperative that the culture you are building within your team supports engagement at a high level.
  • Whether your team is external to your organization, such as a solopreneur, or you work within a large organization; the impact of your leadership skills is imperative to your success. 
  • You deserve to lead at your best and your team deserves it as well. 

There is no better time than now to begin the journey of learning and implementing some new leadership and team building skills. 

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What to Expect with LeaderFluence ™

  • Access to a proven principle based and real life tested curriculum
  • Virtual live workshops over a twelve month period
  • Virtual group coaching sessions where your questions are answered
  • Content library of recorded workshops and group coaching sessions
  • Connection to a community of other professionals for further collaboration 

Your level of influence will grow as you gain insights, practice what you learn and implement the new skills. You will learn more about yourself, discover blind spots and be challenged in your mind set. 

A sampling of the modules we cover:

  • Power of Communication - you will be versed in communication skills that will have an immediate impact on your influence. 
  • Know Thyself - you will discover your leadership style, strengths, weaknesses and explore blind spots. 
  • High Performance Teams - the team dynamic, whether internal or external, has a major impact on your success. 
  • and much more...


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The community will be available for all professionals to learn and grow together. 


Education will be available through on-line courses for all levels of professionals.


Virtual group coaching will be available for all enrolled in the University.

Your Investment

Becoming a successful leader takes time, a financial investment and effort.

Time - As a busy professional time is a precious resource. We have constructed the LeaderFluence ™ Program and are building Gray.University to be as efficient and effective as possible. We know you need answers to your pressing issues at your finger tips. 

Financial - We have intentionally kept Gray.University as financially feasible and accessible as possible. There are professionals all over the world that need access to world class leadership and team development curriculum and coaching. We provide Real. Life. Education. ™ to professionals in an accessible and affordable medium. 

Energy - Well, there's one thing we cannot do for you - the work. You will have to attend sessions, ask questions, learn, practice and invest your energy in self-improvement activities. If you do, you can transform your leadership, your team and your life. What we can do is make it as easy as possible for you to engage. That's a big part of the mission we are on. 

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Why Gray.University?

Simply put...we are building what we needed throughout our careers and couldn't find the solution. The convergence of today's technology, with changing corporate and small business expectations; along with trends in the education and coaching models, has put us on this path at the perfect time. We are not a leadership seminar, or two day event, or rah rah session that, while great in the moment, leaves you wanting a couple of weeks after attending. We are not a training company that, while providing good curriculum, doesn't stick around to help you through the implementation. 

We have built Gray.University and specifically the LeaderFluence ™ Program to be interactive, engaging, and responsive. We want you to ask questions, so we can provide guidance that specifically applies to you. 

We are building a community that is engaged, shares wins and leans on each other for advice. We have seen through over ten years of coaching that the group coaching model is powerful. We intend to harness that power for your benefit. 

The LeaderFluence ™ Program , once completed, will result in a certification. The wonderful thing is that the program completion is only the beginning. Leadership growth truly never ends. We will still be here working with you to continue your journey. 

We will be continually adding curriculum by way of courses, workshops and other engagements to facilitate expanded growth for leaders and teams. Many of these will all fall within the same membership fee, as long as you remain a member. 

One of the striking differences in Gray.University is the low cost for such power packed programs and offerings. 

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Who is Gregory Gray?

Greg can best be described as a life long learner, entrepreneur and coach. As an international leadership and business coach, he has vast experience in what works and what does not. As a corporate executive for over twenty years, he has lived and learned leadership and team dynamics first hand. 

As one fellow coach elaborated, "Greg is a rare coach who says what must be said in a way that you need to hear it, all wrapped in a package you will appreciate." 

As Founder of Gray.University, he is a coach, author and educator at heart. He has been coaching leaders and businesses since leaving the executive ranks over ten years ago. 

Greg will be your guide through the LeaderFluence ™ Program.

"If you want someone to give it to you real, this is your guy. Greg has the kind of style I look for when I want true leadership, direction and guidance."

F. Ruch, Solopreneur

"We gained invaluable clarity about our future path, a practical and realistic plan to correct our shortcomings, and a newfound optimism that brought joy back to our workdays."

Dr. G. Soos, CEO

"Greg's no-nonsense approach with our executive team has made a pivotal impact as it relates to our restructuring and growth as an organization."

Z. Keyton, VP Operations

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  • LeaderFluence ™ Program
  • Virtual Group Coaching
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