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Simply put...we are building what we needed throughout our careers and couldn't find the solution. The convergence of today's technology, with changing corporate and small business expectations; along with trends in the education and coaching models, has put us on this path at the perfect time. We are not a leadership seminar, or two day event, or rah rah session that, while great in the moment, leaves you wanting a couple of weeks after attending. We are not a training company that, while providing good curriculum, doesn't stick around to help you through the implementation. 

We have built Gray.University and specifically the LeaderFluence ™ Program to be interactive, engaging, and responsive. We want you to ask questions, so we can provide guidance that specifically applies to you. 

We are building a community that is engaged, shares wins and leans on each other for advice. We have seen through over ten years of coaching that the group coaching model is powerful. We intend to harness that power for your benefit. 

The LeaderFluence ™ Program , once completed, will result in a certification. The wonderful thing is that the program completion is only the beginning. Leadership growth truly never ends. We will still be here working with you to continue your journey. 

We will be continually adding curriculum by way of courses, workshops and other engagements to facilitate expanded growth for leaders and teams. Many of these will all fall within the same membership fee, as long as you remain a member. 

One of the striking differences in Gray.University is the low cost for such power packed programs and offerings. 


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